Monday, October 17, 2011

Invitation from Oxford/Cambridge Club

Join Oxford and Cambridge in a fun play by the author of "Art".

The Théâtre Français de Toronto presents Yasmina Reza’s “savagely funny” play: God of Carnage, a triple Tony-award winning Broadway comedy by French palywright Yasmina Reza, November 4th, theatre francais, yasmina reza

In GOD OF CARNAGE two married couples meet to sort out a playground fight between their sons. At first, niceties are observed but as the evening progresses and the rum flows, the gloves come off and the night becomes a side-splitting free-for-all.

The most talked about and critically acclaimed comedy of the 2009 Broadway season, GOD OF CARNAGE is the “savagely funny” play by Yasmina Reza, the award-winning playwright of such hits as ART and Life x3. Hailed by critics as, “Hilarious. Ninety minutes of sustained mayhem” (The New Yorker), and “Enormously fun to watch” (Entertainment Weekly), GOD OF CARNAGE is a comedy of manners... without the manners!

Directed by Diana Leblanc. Featuring Colombe Demers, Olivier L’Écuyer, Christian Laurin and Tara Nicodemo.

Théâtre français de Toronto is the only Toronto theatre company to have acquired the rights to this play. There will be nine English surtitled performances for English speaking and Francophile theatre goers to enjoy!

The film version is coming out in December 2011. Beat Hollywood and see it here first!

The piece is only 85 minutes, so we will have time for the Mill Brew Pub after – at least the hardy.

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