Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Princeton Toronto Scotch Tasting Event

Dear Toronto-area Princeton Alumni:

In the mid-2000s, Glenfiddich ran ads on NJ Transit suggesting that if you drank enough of their Scotch you could eventually differentiate subtle flavours like grapefruit and clover honey. We remember because when we tried our best and drank the Scotch, we never did find the honey that was promised even as the bottled piled up.

Maybe it was our youth, maybe it was our unrefined palates, maybe we had too much Milwaukee’s Best or maybe Hoagie Haven burnt out our delicate taste buds (SaltPeppaKetchup?). Whatever the reason, it’s time to give fancy Scotch another shot.

On Thursday, November 19th, we will host a whiskey tasting featuring some of the finest single malts available at the LCBO. And to guide us through the tasting we’ll have a former purchaser for the LCBO there to tell us if that sugary gasoline-like flavour is the honey-clover-grapefruit taste that we’ve been chasing all these years.

Whiskey and some light wines will be served along with some snacks and enough pizza to count as dinner.

The event is being hosted by Claire Gowdy ’07 and Sandy Gibson ‘06 at Sandy’s loft near Richmond and Brant.

Please RSVP to Claire Gowdy ’07 at As spaces are limited, we ask that you limit yourselves to bringing one guest only.

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